Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO is a senior marketing leader joining your team to boost your business efficiency and save it from costly marketing mistakes. Outsourced CMO will work with you to launch your startup or improve your small or medium business’s marketing performance. Outsourced CMO will work part-time and get paid to complete milestones rather than charge high hourly rates.

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Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO is a good fit if:

Nobody is handling marketing in your early-stage startup.

You run marketing campaigns sporadically, not entirely happy with the results, and don't quite know which of your efforts are effective.

You are planning to scale your business and need to structure the marketing function and start taking decisions based on data.

You have a marketing department and would like to have a second unbiased opinion on the marketing strategies you pursue.

Outsourced CMO
Streamlines Your Business Growth

Previous Experience

Why hire an outsourced CMO if you can hire a full-time head of marketing?

X4 times cheaper. In 2020, the average yearly salary of a tech startup CMO was $143K. Outsourced CMO does not receive a salary. We charge per completion of a sprint. Every project is unique, though in general, it takes 12 sprints to build a marketing system for a B2B SaaS from ground zero. One sprint costs $2,8K.

12 X $2,8K = $33,6K. That’s x4 times less expensive than hiring an in-house CMO! Moreover, you don’t spend on insurance, office utensils, profit sharing, and more. You get the flexibility to choose the number of sprints per month, quarter, or year.

No HR hassle. Forget probation periods, recruitment cost, the pain of contract termination. There are no retainer contracts or long-term commitments from your end. We document the completion of every sprint. Should you wish to terminate the contract at any stage – you are free to do it and get a transparent and detailed handover.

I had a great experience with this team and would highly recommend them to others. They are very interested in each and every aspect of your project and they are willing to take on challenges. They have good communication and will also look at other areas of your business to give advice.
Kevin Begola
Kevin Begola
Titanium Buzz

Why hire an outsourced CMO if you can hire freelancers?

A tech startup would need a copywriter, web developer, data analyst, SMM manager, PPC manager, designer. Congratulations! You are now a full-time people manager of a marketing team.

You may find outstanding marketing professionals in freelance marketplaces. Each of them will be a top-notch narrow-field expert and advocate for the use of their marketing channel. In the end, you will have your marketing channels fighting against each other instead of working like a well-oiled machine.

You will have people accountable for making designs, writing texts, posting on social media, etc. No-one will be responsible for your market share, customer experience, and revenue.

The plan they delivered was comprehensive and done before the deadline. They left no stone unturned and left us with quality next steps that would allow us to manage the process ourselves. We will work with them in the future as their work was thorough, easy to digest, and they clearly did all of their homework and then some. They covered all of the possible angles and helped us to understand what we can do and the value and impact that those items will deliver.
Matthew Demetrio
Matthew Demetrio

Why hire an outsourced CMO if you can do everything yourself?

It’s an option if you know how to build an efficient marketing system and have enough time to do it. In this case, you may consider changing your position on LinkedIn to CMO. Whichever approach you take: experimentation or careful planning – doing it right may become your part-time or even full-time job.

It was great working with the team! They provided us with quality work, exceptional guidance, and they were always responsive and professional.
Ashley Bloom
Ashley Bloom
Membership Drive

Benefits of an Outsourced CMO

Hands-on expertise with startups

Our Outsourced CMOs specialize in working with startups. It’s almost a routine for us to learn new markets. We bring expertise from other markets, and we are fast learners, not just by soft skills but because learning is a part of our everyday job. The onboarding process will go fast.

Cash flow flexibility

We split our work in sprints. If you are in a rush for the next round of investment, we can run alongside delivering 2 or 3 sprints per month. If you happen to be low on cash, we can make one sprint per month or even take pauses if needed. You are in full control of your marketing expenses.

Team included

Some of the tasks will require an in-depth knowledge of a subject matter expert. We already have a roster of vetted freelancers. Thus, no delays for recruitment and no people management hassle for you. Your Outsourced CMO comes with a team. You may think of it as of hiring a Marketing Department.

Tools included

Some of the tasks will require the usage of costly software. You won’t need to pay the full price. You not only share your marketing manager with others; you also split the cost of the tools subscription.

Focused on driving growth

Outsourced CMO is a T-shaped marketing specialist. The vertical stroke represents deep expertise in marketing strategy and creating efficient marketing systems. The horizontal stroke stands for understanding of all facets of marketing in the modern world.

We don’t specialize in using a specific set of tools or approaches. We have your strategic company and marketing goals in mind and look for an optimal solution to reach them.

It is a pleasure to work with them. Very sharp analysis – very pragmatic advice. We will continue on an even broader basis.
Eckhard Ortwein
Eckhard Ortwein
Lean Case